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Rules and Regulations

Common Rules and Regulations

  • The college follows the semester system for the teaching-learning evaluation process
  • A student who is selected for a particular course, offered by the college has to complete the admission procedures and get registered
  • The UG degree programme is of 4 years duration
  • The final degree will be awarded by Anna University, Chennai

Certain quality we cherish among our students

  • Decency in dress and behavior
  • Punctuality
  • Disciplined, focused approach to life in general and in studies
  • Motivate students in studies and other departmental extracurricular activities in college
  • Awareness of social conditions around the world
  • Adherence to secular values and ideas
  • A scientific outlook
  • Interest in cultural activities, sports and games

Dress code

  • The boys should wear the full sleeve shirts and black plants with properly tug in
  • The girls should wear the chudithar with the black over coat
  • The students should put the black leather shoes with black socks