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Science & Humanities

  • The department of science and Humanities is the origin for Engineering Education.

Science & Humanities

The department of science a Humanities is the origin for Engineering Education. All Engineering students learn the basic of science and Engineering, which needs for the further studies. This Department was established in the year 2013. The main objective is to provide value –based education for the new coming engineering students.

Department of English:

Success in this competitive world depends not only on acquiring knowledge but also on developing effective communication skills. The department of English provides students with the vital training to meet the demands of Global communication and helps them for proficiency in English. Effective communication Laboratory is in our college:

Department of Mathematics:

The Department of mathematics provides the needs of all kinds of mathematical ideas to the students as per the syllabus given by Anna University, Chennai. The Department also provides Aptitude training for the students.


  • To provide the students with world class innovative ideas.
  • To build a network between Engineering and society.
  • To motivate the youngsters to acquire a strong desire to attain their goals.


The department has highly qualified, trained and Dedicated faculty members who are guiding the students for overall development among them.

Department of Physics:

Physics is the foundation science upon which all other natural sciences and most types of engineering are built.


To be a centre of excellence for dissemination of knowledge in physics, and promote innovation for academic and professional success for the welfare of our nation and beyond.


The Department of physics is committed to provide adequate knowledge in physics, for engineering students through an effective teaching- learning process, to mould them into competent professional ready to meet the global challenges.

About Lab:

The physics Laboratory is well equipped for conducting Lab experiments. All experiments have been planned in cycles so that any individual students can conduct single experiments individually. It is equipped with instruments like ultra Interferometer, Spectrometer. Grating, spectrometer-prism, Band gap apparatus Lee’s Disc apparatus. Torsion pendulum apparatus, Young’s Modulus apparatus Travelling microscope etc.

About Faculty:

The Department has highly qualified trained and dedicated faculty members, who as responsible for the overall academic growth of the students.

Department of chemistry

Chemistry department consists of experienced and qualified faculty members. Fundamental goal of our department is to provide innovative and quality education with high standard, to achieve academic excellence and provide platform for the students to achieve their career goals.


To make the students understand the basic concepts of chemistry which is highly essential in the field of Engineering and Technology.


To support the students to become quality engineers and scientists in various branches of Engineering and Technology.

About Lab:

Chemistry Laboratory is equipped with necessary equipments and apparatus as per the curriculum of Anna University, Chennai. Lab consists of chemicals, instruments and apparatus in more than sufficient quantity for the effective utilization and development of the students.

List of Equipments:

  • Electronic balance
  • PH meter with Accessories
  • Digital Potentiometer
  • Glass electrode
  • Digital conductivity meter
  • Platinum electrode
  • Calomel electrode
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Flame photometer
  • Oswald Viscometer.