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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  • Electrical and Electronics with Specialization in Matlab for Electrical & Automotive Embedded System


To be an international centre for education, research and the application of knowledge, to benefit the society globally in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department provides excellent environment for training in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. With ever increasing demand for energy and newer areas of energy production, the course provides ample opportunities for employment in India and abroad.

Educational objectives of the programme

  • To prepare the students for a successful career in industries and also for higher studies.
  • To enable the students to acquire the ability to analyse, design and build electrical and electronic systems, needed in power electronic drives, variety of controllers, Power generation, transmission and distribution systems.
  • To impart communication skills, to inculcate values and professional ethics, leadership qualities and team spirit for an overall personality development, to build-up confidence in managing financial resources, to create environmental awareness and a passion for using the knowledge acquired, for addressing the societal concerns

Outcomes of the programme

At the end of the four year programme, the graduates will be able to

  • Analyse electrical and electronic circuits and systems
  • Model, design and evaluate the performance and maintenance of electrical systems.
  • Comprehend the structure of power systems, both conventional and renewable and analyse their operation, control, protection and utilization.
  • Formulate power electronic controllers for industrial drives
  • Apply the programming knowledge of commonly used programming languages, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and for control applications
  • Use software tools for the design, simulation and analysis of electrical and electronics engineering problems
  • Design and conduct experiments on circuits, control components and evaluate their performance


The field of Electrical Engineering is highly dynamic and exciting as it provides excellent career opportunities in all sectors of society. The Electrical Engineering advancements reshape our modern society in all aspects including health, business, education and entertainment. Electrical Engineers design and implement a wide range of systems such as power generation, transmission and distribution, telecommunication networks, electrical machines and modern industrial control systems.The demand for electrical power and electronic systems is increasing rapidly. Electrical & Electronics engineers are in great demand to meet the requirements of the growing industry.Electrical and Electronics Engineering is arguably the technology which has most shaped the world we live in. All aspects of our lives are affected by the electrical power we take for granted. Electrical and Electronics Engineers are responsible for the continued safe and responsible development of this technology in all its many applications, through research, design and development, manufacture, service, marketing and consulting

Lab facility

We have well established and well equipped state of art equipment where students are allowed to carry out projects under the able guidance of our faculty. Our department is supported by well-equipped multidisciplinary laboratories to cover all the experiments prescribed in Anna University/A.I.C.T.E. Curriculum.The Department is fully equipped with the laboratories such as Electrical machines, Control System, Electrical circuit’s lab, power system simulation


The B.E. degree program is designed to achieve a balance between depth of knowledge acquired through specialization and breadth of knowledge gained through exploration. The undergraduate degree courses offered by the department provide a comprehensive foundation in the core topics of EEE coupled with an area of specialization relevant to emerging engineering challenges


Most faculty members are accomplished doctorates and postgraduates with considerable research and academic experience. The dedicated staff members have sound knowledge in emerging areas like embedded systems, power electronics applications in power systems, expert systems, etc. The breadth and depth of the research interests of the academic staff ensures a high standard of lecture courses and provides excellent opportunities for challenging and stimulating final year projects. Individual lecturers supplement their delivery using blackboards, overhead projectors and video projection


On employability, graduates of this college consistently appear as the first choice of employers. Studying EEE will lead to potential careers in the areas of Research & Development (R&D), design, systems analysis, installation and commissioning, process engineering, control and maintenance, manufacturing, quality assurance and testing, information technology, programming, consultancy, management and software engineering